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I am happy to buy a very nice Sparta Easy. The pitty is, that in Germany I need a assessment from the TüV to get a licenese to operate the SPARTA offically in Germany.

Technically a few thinks I had to modify, but this was not a big deal. My issue is that the TüV ask me for a evidence for the year of production. The guy who sold me the Esay said its from 05 1979. If I take a look on the Modellen Page for the EASY it look like that the EASY was only produced in 1977?

Do someone know in which year a EASY with the serial No 150700 was produced? Midel No is NL A0039.

Are there production lists available?

Any help is pretty welcome to legalize the Sparat Easy on German roads


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Hi Malte,

As far as i always understood all frame nr's untill early 70's where registered by sparta. for your easy that's then not the case so nothing to look up for the frame nr in the official sparta registers.

I know that for the early models there's a type approval stamped into the frame i assume that's the NL A0039 number on your frame. If there's official documents that can be optained for that then you could get it registered on a NL plate for sure. that makes it then easy (normally) to get it TüV approved.

maybe quite a workaround however possible i'd say. Maybe there's other people here that can help you with that documentation as I wouldn't know where to get it (maybe dutch Tüv (RDW)).

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If I take a look on the Modellen Page for the EASY it look like that the EASY was only produced in 1977?

I checked it, our model page was incorrect.
The Easy was available from 1978 to 1980, i changed to models page for it.

If your bike has the original engine, you can check the build year on that, it should be on the tag. 

You can also check inside the hubs in the wheels, the build year of those is cast in them. 

But t the build year of the bike can be a year later than the production of the engine and hubs. Hopefully TüV accepts that. 

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